The Global Shipping Crisis

The Global Logistics Shipping Crisis: Just like “Groundhog Day”

Written by Chris Jones

Executive Vice President of Industry and Services

Descartes Systems Group

Global Trade Intelligence Key to Minimize Supply Chain Delays

Descartes recently conducted a benchmark survey and uncovered the supply chain resiliency strategies of top-performing companies.

Get your copy of the survey results and find out key steps you can take to reduce risk and create a more resilient supply chain

How Descartes Can Help 

Descartes Datamyne delivers business intelligence with comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date, import and export information.

Our multinational trade data assets can be used to trace global supply chains and our bill-of-lading trade data – with cross-references to company profiles and customs information – can help businesses identify and qualify new sources. Ask us for a free, no obligation demonstration of our data on a product or trade commodity of your choosing – and keep the custom research we create with our compliments.

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