Halo ARC’s field staff - known as “Champions” - collect the customer’s vehicle from their home and transport it to the appropriate Accident Repair Centre. Once the repair is complete, a Champion safely returns the car to its owner. Halo saw an opportunity to improve the collection and delivery process by digitising the customer experience. 

Challenge: Collection and Delivery Transparency

Historically, Halo Champions reassured customers with a call or an SMS before a vehicle collection or delivery. With limited transparency, many customers would phone the contact centre to ask for an ETA.  

Customers expected to track the progress of their vehicles in real-time, while staff needed visibility of mobile workers to assign jobs efficiently. The business needed increased automation to reduce inbound and outbound calls.  

"I’ve been so impressed with Halo... I knew the exact time my car was being collected and delivered back.” 

5-star Trustpilot Review, Halo ARC Customer

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Halo ARC

Solution: Keeping Customers Informed and Empowering Staff

The platform was selected for its ability to solve these challenges, based on a proven track record in the automotive repair sector.   

Halo ARC uses the platform to send a reminder on the day of the appointment. Another SMS follows this when the Champion is en to collect the vehicle. Customers receive a further message when their fully restored vehicle is on its way back to them. Each SMS includes a link to a web-based customer portal to track the Champion’s arrival on a live map.   

 Within the web-based portal, two-way chat gives customers the opportunity to share important information such as where to park and entry instructions. As soon as the vehicle has been returned, the customer receives an SMS with a link to provide a review. By automating this process, the company has seen an increased feedback response rate.  


Customer Engagement

Transform Your Customer Experience While Lowering Operational Costs

Champions sometimes need to move a vehicle between branch locations. The office-based dashboard gives staff full visibility of drivers, making it easy to assign jobs to nearby Champions. The solution has been integral to the company’s ability to provide a national service adapted to local needs.  

 Halo ARC achieved quick speed to value using the solution. With highly configurable workflows and flexible integration options, the technology will grow with Halo’s business needs. “[The team] has been absolutely fantastic. We were looking to do something a bit different, so engagement with our Customer Success Manager was key,” explains Harry Abraham, Operations Director at Halo ARC. “It’s been simple. To anyone considering using the solution, I’d say absolutely go for it!”  

The Results

Reduced Inbound Calls    

By increasing operational transparency for customers, Halo ARC has reduced inbound queries to head office.  

High Customer Satisfaction   

5-star reviews indicate that customers appreciate real-time updates and tracking. One Trustpilot reviewer explains: “I’ve been so impressed with Halo... I knew the exact time my car was being collected and delivered back.”  

Increased Feedback Response

By automating feedback requests, the company has seen an increased feedback response rate. 

Reduced Driver Downtime  

The office-based dashboard gives staff full visibility of drivers, making it easy to assign jobs to nearby Champions. This increases overall mobility and reduces downtime for mobile operatives.  


Best Practices for Last Mile Delivery

The lessons learned from delivery innovators across retail and distribution industries around the globe are that technology and a willingness to break from traditional logistics thinking are what separate their performance from the rest of the pack. 

About Halo ARC

Halo is a leading supplier of Accident Repair services to insurers, motor manufacturers, and claims management sectors across the United Kingdom. Halo ARC upholds an unrelenting focus on reducing claims costs and delivering a superior customer experience.  

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