Manage Delivery and Pickup Collection More Efficiently and Effectively with Descartes

Descartes offers the industry’s most comprehensive fleet and purchased transportation management solution.

From route distribution and route planning, to dynamic sample collection, Descartes can help improve fleet management:

  • Productivity through optimized routes with more stops per route and less vehicles
  • Improved responsiveness through dynamic planning that can automatically adjust to changing pickup requirements
  • Service reliability through higher quality route plans and proactive route execution tracking that lead to greater driver schedule and time window adherence
  • Chain of custody control through real-time GPS-based mobile solutions that track pickup and delivery of orders and in-route vehicle location

Combine purchased transportation delivery operations to optimize the entire delivery network and maximize service performance. Descartes integrated fleet and for-hire transportation solution extends control to common carrier and parcel shipping to include rating and optimized consolidation including mode to selection, shipment execution, proof-of-delivery and audit. Now medical distributors and pharmaceutical labs can better utilize their own and external resources and greater visibility and control over the entire shipment process.

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