Descartes Route Planning and Mobile Solutions Empowering Retail Home Delivery

Working with leading retailers around the globe, Descartes has developed the latest version of it real-time integrated route planning and mobile solutions to enable retailers to grow revenue, increase margins and provide differentiated customer service. This solution for home delivery is unique in that it combines three important elements: real-time optimization, a functional foot that extends through the entire delivery lifecycle and an enterprise class architecture that connects and synchronizes all of the internal and external parties involved in the delivery process.

Instead of batch optimization, Descartes home delivery solution uses real-time incremental optimization. This allows the use of optimization techniques throughout the home delivery process. Descartes helps retailers provide optimal delivery appointment options during the ordering process along with planning the value added service options customers want for installation, removal, etc. Once the appointments are taken, the optimization continues, respecting the customer commitments, but continuously seeking the best routes to minimize costs, right up to the time that routes are released for delivery. During the day of execution, Descartes real-time optimization takes same day orders and dynamically assigns them to existing or new routes to meet customer time-frames while minimizing costs.

Descartes home delivery solution functional footprint starts when delivery appointments are taken during the ordering process and ends after the products and services are successfully delivered.

  • Descartes Reservations™ interacts with the customer during the order process to provide unique and optimal delivery appointment options that also help retailers lower their delivery costs.
  • Descartes Route Planner™ continues to optimize after the delivery appointment time is taken and allows planners and warehouse or store operations understand how routes are being built to enable the picking  cycle to begin earlier.
  • Descartes Dispatch & AVL™ uses GPS-enabled technology; manages the execution in real-time handing changes and new orders as they come.
  • Descartes Mobile™ provides drivers with a bi-directional real-time communications solution for managing their routes from proof-of-delivery (RF and barcode scanning, signature and picture capture and other  customer information) to turn-by-turn navigation and other logistics management capabilities.
  • Descartes Order Notification™ completes the delivery cycle thorough automated email, voice or text communications with customers to help reduce “no shows” and conduct post-delivery satisfaction surveys.

With Descartes Route Planner and Descartes Mobile solutions, V13 retailers can in a single solution have all of the capabilities they need to turn home delivery into a competitive advantage and drive top and bottom line performance.