As companies continue to digitize their supply chain and logistics operations, they are beginning to recognize that they are sitting on a wealth of information that has an enormous, yet largely untapped potential to help increase their performance and improve their customer service. How does your company stack up? Download our 3-part white paper series to learn more.

Part 1: The Democratization of Analytics for Transportation and Logistics

In part one, we explore the kinds of data being produced by transportation and logistics systems, how that can be used to create a data-driven enterprise, the substantial obstacles to achieving an analytic advantage, and how those obstacles can be overcome.

Part 2: Analytics for Private Fleet and Driver Performance

In part two, we look at how analytics uses real-time location data, combined with orders, plans, proof-of-delivery, vehicle data, and more to drive significant improvements to fleet and driver performance.

Part 3: Analytics for Improving Carrier Performance and Leveraging Trade Data

In part 3, we discuss how analytics can create improvements to carrier performance while substantially reducing costs, as well as how trade data can help importers and exporters gain competitive insights, manage supply chain risk, optimize total landed costs, and more.

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