U.S. Port Report The Top 20 U.S. Ocean Ports & Key Trends

What You'll Learn from this Report

As U.S. ports react to the trade war storm, TEU import volume has been shifting. Our most popular yearly analysis is here with the findings. Ports are the lifeblood of trade, and the goods that flow in and out of U.S. ports speak to critical trends and the health of an industry.  

This report inlcudes analyses with targeted trade statistics that quickly get to the heart of port, carrier and commodity trends in an easy to understand, visually-accented format.  

Key Focus Areas

  • Which port saw the largest increase in year-over-year import volume
  • The potential impact on trade as U.S. ports prepare for a trade war storm 
  • The port that failed to maintain positive year-over-year growth 
  • The pulse of trade by country of import  
  • The top imported goods for many ports  
  • Position shifts in the top 20 ports and the emergence of Puerto Rico