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Learn how Descartes MK Denied Party Screening™ (Descartes MK DPS™) integrates with SAP GTS to help businesses such as McCormick & Company include denied, restricted and/or sanctioned party screening as a hallmark of trade compliance programs.  Leveraging best-of-class content is paramount to businesses such as McCormick & Company, an international spice importer, exporter, manufacturer and distributor that operates in the international arena.

With integrated DPS functionality in place, McCormick & Company can reduce the risk of transacting with sanctioned parties and avoid the potential of millions of dollars in fines and penalties.  Descartes also works closely with companies such as Vision Global to add to the overall customer integration experience.

Highlight - Descartes MK DPS was the first provider to populate SAP GTS with global trade content.  Customers who leverage the SAP GTS sanctions data feed from Descartes can benefit from enhanced sanctions compliance and improved productivity.

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Descartes MK Content™ – Descartes’ content powers global trade by streaming data into leading business applications including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Global Trade Management (GTM) systems. In today’s changing global regulatory landscape, leveraging accurate content is more important than ever to help avoid fines, improve processes and mitigate risk.