Operational Route Planning

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FAQ: What is Hybrid Route Planning and What Are its Benefits? 
Hybrid route planning combines the best characteristics of static and dynamic route planning.

Operational Route Planning Takes Customer Orders and Creates Optimized Routes and Delivery Sequences that Reduce Delivery Costs and Improve Customer Service and Fleet Productivity

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With operational route planning, also known as daily planning, orders for delivery today, tomorrow or across multiple days are optimized to minimize distance, drive time, and number of resources while adhering to time windows and operational policies. 

There are multiple route planning techniques that provide the best value depending upon industry such as fixed route planning, dynamic route planning, and hybrid route planning.

Descartes combines advanced optimization techniques such as continuous optimization with machine learning to create operational plans that dramatically improve fleet productivity and customer service and enable delivery processes that enhance competitiveness. 

Fixed Route Planning

When customers require consistent visitation patterns. 

Dynamic Route Planning

When customer visit times can be flexible or orders vary every day.

Hybrid Route Planning

Combine top customers on fixed delivery patterns with dynamic deliveries to other customers. 

Machine Learning

Learn how Descartes applies machine learning to route planning to improve route accuracy and productivity.

Continuous Optimization

Learn how continuous optimization transforms fleet performance and the customer experience. 

Background Optimization

Learn how Descartes uses robotic process automation to transform the planning process. 

- Wayne Armstrong, Head of Digital Channels at PlaceMakers 

“Although the Descartes deployment is just 60% complete, we’ve already seen a 40-50% increase in delivery satisfaction and achieved significant financial savings. We’ve also reduced inbound calls by 16%, increased load utilization by 13%, and reduced loading times by 14%.”  

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Operational Route Planning FAQs

What is operational (daily) planning?

Operational route planning takes customer orders and creates optimized routes and delivery sequences that reduce delivery costs and improve customer service and fleet productivity. 

Why is operational planning important?

Operational (daily) route planning is crucial to meet delivery commitments for the lowest cost while ensuring that delivery routes are feasible and executable by drivers and consistent with operating policies and restrictions.

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