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One of the biggest challenges for businesses engaged in international trade is getting customs clearance right first time. Customs is complex and with that comes a complex range of questions to consider.

Descartes eCustoms software allows businesses a chance to regain control over their declaration expenditure, avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes, and therefore, opening the door to future business growth.

If you are ready to move forward with a new Customs Management Solution, reach out to our experts for advice on your specific project, so we can help determine which solution is the perfect fit for your organisation.

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UK Customs Success Stories 

Read how Descartes customs software solutions helped businesses streamline their operations

SSOIF impressed with the response and service from the team at Descartes and the e-Customs solution
Farsound Aviation
Farsound Aviation Boosts Profit with Help from Descartes e-Customs™ U.K./EU Filing Solution
Dover Hamilton
Navigate Post-Brexit Customs Clearance Complexities with Descartes’ e-Customs

Baskent Consulting
Baskent Consulting Ltd. Uses Descartes’ e-Customs Solution to Support Post-Brexit Customs Agency Establishment