Cuslink connects users to the central U.K. Customs’ system (CHIEF). The service supports import and export clearance. It gives organizations greater control of key business processes. 

  • significant cost savings through greater efficiency
  • high availability, reliability and security. 
  • pro-active monitoring of message flows
  • continuity of service.

Cuslink Inventory Systems

Cuslink Inventory Systems are comprehensive import & export solutions for both maritime and air freight operations. Current requirements for HMRC Port, Wharf and ICD / ERTS Approval include the need for control through an approved inventory system. The Pentant Cuslink system provides this functionality. A diverse range of ports, airports and freight facilities across the UK are using the system. This includes Dover, London (City) Airport, Warton (BAe Systems), Stop24 (Dover), Brize Norton and Thetford as well as Express Parcel operators, logistics service providers and a number of major importers and exporters. The Inventory Systems:

  • meets the compliance requirements
  • focus for operational control and efficiency
  • enhanced flow of data between the Freight facility, Carrier, Forwarder / Clearing Agent and Transport Operator.
  • simplifies the billing process

Cuslink Loader

The Cuslink Loader service provides CHIEF access and HCI facilities to enable Cargo Arrival, Loading and Departure in specified port locations. Cuslink Loader provides speedier clearance of shipments through the ports compared to manual systems. The Cuslink Loader Service supports operators with:

  • secure Badge and Log-on Access to CHIEF
  • compatibility with existing freight software
  • consolidated annual fee – badges and entries

Cuslink Managed CFSP

Cuslink Managed CFSP is a HMRC approved link for CFSP and EDCS Users.The CusLink Managed CFSP service provides: 

  • secure VPN connection to Cuslink
  • compatible with existing freight software
  • fully managed service
  • annual subscription based on usage
  • no additional badge or transaction fees
  • secure Badge and log-on Access to CHIEF

Cuslink Managed Exports

Cuslink Managed Exports ensures security of data with a reliable link to customs. Customs Clearance of Exports is a vital element in supply chain management. The Pentant CusLink Export Service keeps your data secure and enables you to manage your export shipments. Cuslink Managed Export Service features:

  • HMRC approved System
  • secure VPN or FTP Connection to Cuslink
  • compatible with existing freight software
  • fully managed service
  • annual subscription
  • no additional badge or transaction fees
  • secure badge and log-on access to CHIEF

Cuslink ICS (Import Control System) 

Cuslink ICS improves security within the global supply chain and enables compliance with mandatory European Union Import Control Regulations. CusLink ICS is a direct link to UK ICS and is used by global carriers to submit their security declarations. ICS requires ENS to be submitted to the first Customs office of entry in the EU prior to any cargo entering or transiting the EU. 

CusLink ICS provides:

  • HMRC approved system
  • secure and high speed link
  • compatible with existing freight software
  • fully managed service
  • annual subscription based on usage
  • secure badge and log-on access

Cuslink Back-up

The electronic link to Customs (CHIEF) is critical to the management of freight, particularly for time sensitive or perishable goods. Loss of a Customs link, even for a short time, could delay a vital consignment. The Cuslink Back-up Service provides insurance for users demanding continuity of service and the efficient movement of their (or their clients’) freight. 

The CusLink Back-up Service provides:

  • browser access from Desk Top Icon
  • secure badge and log-on access to CHIEF
  • compatible with existing freight software

Cuslink Anti-smuggling Net

Cuslink comprehensive Anti-smuggling Net uses specific manifest or other information – customs data, description of goods, number of packages and shipper and consignee details. This enables reports to be generated against targeted packages and consignments that can be cross checked against Port of Origin and Destination. The system is designed to meet specific Customs’ requirements and can be used by large integrators or other groups needing to target ad-hoc manifest data.