Descartes Is Empowering AMC to Manage Rates & Provide Customer Self-service Booking & Rating

AMC Transportation is a licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) and Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) that specializes in a broad range of ocean freight services worldwide. The company was seeking to provide a customer-facing booking and rating platform that could integrate with internal systems, provide rich analytics, and increase bookings. AMC is now using the Descartes Digital Rate Management™ bundle, including Descartes Kontainers™ and Descartes Global Price Management™, to achieve these objectives and reduce operational costs.

“Our customers were asking us for methods to easily book shipments at their convenience. At the same time, we were looking to minimize costs and better manage and collect information,” said Wilson Huang, Head of Product & Marketing at AMC Transportation.

“However, in the logistics industry, data is scattered across multiple sources, parties, and systems. This made it challenging for us to aggregate ocean shipment milestones, present them to customers, and ensure that quotes are accurate. We needed a proven solution provider that could not only offer a customer-facing solution, but that could help us manage rates and efficiently gather data.”

Driving Down Costs with Best-in-class Technology

“One of our focus areas has been to grow our customer base. Many customers are accustomed to booking and getting rates online, and Descartes has been exceptional in providing our clients with easy access to book and quote shipments—all without the manual effort of emailing or calling us. In addition, the Descartes solution ensures that quotes provided reflect accurate quotes, include all surcharges and accessorial fees, factor-in our contracted and spot rates, and provide us with rich customer analytics.”

“For example, while using the quote search feature, we can not only view the routes that a customer has booked, but we can also see if a customer is exploring other trade lanes. If a customer ships from Shanghai to Los Angeles, but on another day is searching for a quote from Shanghai to New York, we can gauge our potential new revenue opportunities. Furthermore, this data not only gives us a comprehensive view of a client’s trading patterns, but it also equips AMC with a reliable record to confidently offer the AMC Capital Service. With this level of detailed information, AMC can mitigate risks associated with fraudulent trading, feel more secure in extending credit terms to clients, and confidently offer cargo financing solutions. This data and the insights derived from it form the foundation for our next generation of logistics.”

"Descartes Digital Rate Management is helping us save costs. As a freight forwarder, our biggest cost is labor, and solutions that can save time essentially lead us to higher profits. The technology also seamlessly integrates with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which saves us further time and money. We are using the reduced costs to reinvest in technology and focus on customer service which increases long-term client stickiness.”

Wilson Huang, Head of Product & Marketing, AMC Transportation

The Results

Improved Customer Service

Resources are freed to enable AMC Transportation to focus on providing world-class customer service.

Increased Analytic Insight

AMC Transportation can view and analyze customer quoting trends to highlight potential new revenue.

Reduced Costs

With customers booking online and seamless integration with ERP systems, AMC Transportation is minimizing costs

Streamlined Rate Management

The Descartes solution presents accurate rates and factors-in complex fees.

About AMC Transportation

AMC Transportation is an OTI and NVOCC that specializes in offering shipper association members, NVOCCs, and BCOs a wide range of ocean freight products. With our buying power and strong relationships with selected major fleet liners, we are able to offer our clients with the most up-to-date solutions at very competitive rates, including but not limited to NRAs, NSAs, fixed rates and guaranteed space bookings. Our experienced professionals are able to provide a total solution to your shipping needs, such as warehousing, port and long haul trucking, customs work, financing and legal inquiries. Visit for more information.

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AMC Transportation


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Descartes Digital Rate Management is a leading-edge solution that allows LSPs to provide an online quoting, booking, and tracking experience while ensuring the highest profit margin per file.


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