Meeting U.S. Customs Electronic Manifest Requirements for Ocean Cargo

Automated Manifest System (AMS) is a means of speeding the flow of import cargo into the United States. Ocean AMS is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) electronic interface and release notification system designed to allow manifest information to be filed with CBP and to provide responses back to the filing company regarding the acceptance and status of this manifest data. This reduces paperwork for both the filer and CBP by eliminating the paper manifest and decreasing the number of discrepancy reports and In-bond documents (CF-7512), Transportation Entry and Manifest of Good Subject to CBP Inspection and Permit.

Descartes Ocean AMS™ is a unified customs filing solution for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) and VOCCs. This service helps customers comply with CBP regulations and procedures, including Trade Act 2002 and subsequent regulations, and is certified and approved by the CBP. To accommodate customers’ varying technical capabilities, Descartes offers options that range from a user-friendly, web-based service that permits manual entry of cargo manifest information to a more automated and integrated global EDI connection to securely transmit Ocean AMS filing data between systems via an encrypted VPN connection.


  • Comprehensive administration and access control
  • Interactive messaging and EDI global access
  • Dedicated redundant broad band, secured connections to/from CBP Systems
  • 7/24 hour availability, system monitoring and customer service hotline
  • Commercially sensitive data is kept secure and confidential
  • Network connectivity to all major ocean carriers available
  • Ability to create multiple AMS filing accounts under a unified account
  • Preload and easily maintain party profiles and vessel, port and equipment information
  • Scale existing infrastructure with data capture flexibility from keyed entry to completely automated EDI process
  • Paperless/conventional in-bond moves can be initiated through web application at any time
  • Supports electronic submission of shipping instructions to ocean carriers
  • White label capability
  • Sophisticated tools to improve customer service by enabling the distribution of customs messages and status information to logistics partners and clients