Canadian Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) 

An Overview & How Descartes Can Help

What is the Canadian CSA Program?

The Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) program is designed for low-risk, pre-approved importers, carriers, and registered drivers. To take advantage of the program, CSA-approved importers and carriers must use a registered driver to carry CSA-eligible goods into Canada.

Being a CSA importer also means faster clearance with quicker delivery at a lower cost. Other significant benefits to becoming a CSA participant include priority access for trucks, and reduced wait time at the border.

Why Are Importers Looking to Switch CSA Compliance Technology?

Importers are looking to move away from their Canadian Self-Assessment (CSA) technology to: 

Why Make the Switch to Descartes?

Importers are moving the move to Descartes’ Canadian CSA technology due to our:

Our Commitment to Compliance

Descartes is an industry leader in regulatory and industry program compliance. For more than 20 years, we have been helping importers move beyond the limitations of in-house or legacy platforms to help our client base comply with stringent CSA requirements.

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