For Container Freight Stations, Software to Help Enable Added Connectivity

The Trade Act of 2002 Final Rule and other regulations state that airlines must provide local transfer information electronically via Air AMS, now part of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). The local transfer destination facility may be a Container Freight Station (CFS).

Through participation in the Air ACE system, CFS operators can gain added visibility into the status of cargo destined for their location and better communicate with airlines. By connecting to the automated manifest system, container freight stations can better anticipate when cargo is due to arrive. However for container freight stations software is required to enable the benefits of electronic connectivity.

Potential Benefits

The Descartes Air ACE™ For Container Freight Stations provides:

  • Full cargo arrival and House Airway Bill (AWB) details for Container Freight Stations
  • Consistent, real-time global visibility in to the status of cargo 
  • Ability to amend house AWB information
  • Automatic visibility to carrier splits
  • Participation in the paperless in-bond process
  • Reduced compliance costs and improved efficiency through a consistent, accurate, single-source of information


The Descartes Air ACE Service is full of the same features found on all Descartes customs compliance solutions including:

  • Comprehensive administration and access control
  • Commercially sensitive data is kept secure and confidential
  • Interactive messaging and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) global access
  • Dedicated redundant broad band, secured connections to/from CBP Systems
  • 7/24 hour availability, system monitoring and customer service hotline
  • Network connectivity to all connected air carriers 
  • Ability to create multiple users under a unified account
  • Preload and easily maintain party profiles
  • White label capability
  • Scale existing infrastructure with data capture flexibility from keyed entry to completely automated EDI process
  • Sophisticated tools to improve customer service by enabling the distribution of customs messages and status information to logistics partners and clients