Descartes Automated Manifest System™ (Descartes AMS™) software helps carriers, freight forwarders, non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs), and shippers easily manage shipment information electronically. The solution seamlessly enables compliance with the requirement to electronically submit advance information to the U.S. Customs Department’s Automated Manifest System for cargo.

What is the Automated Manifest System (AMS) in Regard to Shipping Cargo? 

AMS is part of CBP’s larger Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) trade modernization initiative. The AMS customs compliance program is signed to both speed the flow of freight and to better pinpoint higher risk shipments before they enter the United States. Compliance is required for all modes of transport.

Descartes Automated Manifest Service is part of the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), which enables the world’s leading transportation providers to connect to their trading partners and reliably exchange information to drive delivery performance and high levels of customer satisfaction.


  • Status Querying - Lets users electronically submit queries in a Web form to determine the status of an individual cargo manifest. Enables searches using the same basic information included in the actual paper document, including bill of lading, container number, and port of origin. Can print a list of status information, such as “released,” “on hold,” etc.
  • Flexible Templates - Uses the Web form option to present shipment information in templates that can mimic existing paper documents. Allows authorized users to add, modify and delete cargo manifest templates to accommodate the fields important to their customers and business processes. Descartes offers similar services for the VAN and in-network translation options.
  • Reference and Reporting - Captures shipment information from the electronic manifest and stores it in a secure data repository. Lets users select optional extended storage that permits historical review of the information and customized reporting such as shipment volume by customer, by type of cargo or by port.
  • Information Privacy - Transmits information via the secure Descartes GLN, protecting the privacy of all parties. Links information to trading partners or regulatory agencies as specified by the customer.

What's different about Descartes is our extensibility. Users can add-on new security filing requirements as they expand. All modules are available from one platform, and AMS data can be repurposed to help fulfill other security filing requirements worldwide.

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