Meeting Increasing Advanced Air Manifest Requirements Worldwide

Cuba Customs requires detailed information for air shipments bound for Cuba or with a stop that lands in the country. This is a modernization and data improvement initiative that aims to secure revenue collections, ensure national security and promote trade facilitation worldwide.  In addition to requiring more robust shipment manifest details, Cuba’s Air AEI requirements include duration-specific timeframes for submission.

The Descartes Cuba Air Advance Electronic Information (Descartes Cuba Air AEI™) solution is a comprehensive application that helps air carriers and freight forwarders submit the required information to Cuba within the specified timeframes. 

With a history of offering a flexible range of solutions to meet regulatory requirements, Descartes offers a range of flexible options for filers to comply with the regulation including: (1) a web-based option; and (2) an integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution for large-volume shippers. With multiple validations, checks and balances performed prior to each submission, the Descartes Cuba Air AEI solution is a premiere product that helps businesses reduce costs and drive-up productivity.

The Descartes Cuba Air AEI solution leverages the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), which allows the world’s leading transportation providers to connect to their trading partners, reliably exchange information, drive-up delivery performance and ensure world-class customer service. The Descartes GLN helps companies better manage end-to-end logistics processes, track and manage inventory, meet regulatory requirements, optimize fleet performance and effectively collaborate with global partners.

The Descartes Cuba Air AEI solution helps users easily manage shipment information and electronically submit the required data to Cuba Customs. Descartes offers users a choice of flexible options to ensure compliance including:

  • Option 1 – An advanced, tightly-integrated, system-to-system EDI connection.
  • Option 2 – For customers who prefer manual data entry, Descartes also offers web-based options that allow users to key-in information.

Potential Benefits

With Descartes, air carriers and forwarders can potentially:

  • Reduce the risk of errors, delays and possible penalties
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by leveraging a single point-of-access
  • Attain global visibility with real-time access to cargo statuses
  • Leverage the Descartes GLN to distribute Customs messages and status information to clients
  • Globally connect with a Service as a Software (SaaS) business model