Electronic Document Exchange for Back-office Systems and Trading Partner Connectivity

Descartes e-Pouch™ enables forwarders and stakeholders to group air shipment interactions together in a unified fashion. Descartes e-Pouch integrates with solutions for bookings, shipment monitoring, quality performance reporting and customs filing to provide a central repository that enhances electronic document exchange connections between back-office systems and trading partners.

With Descartes e-Pouch, users can easily share information with the appropriate parties, automate routine interactions, flag problems at an early instance, and provide a repository for retrieval of completed deliveries. In addition to automating air shipment processes, Descartes e-Pouch provides an interface and exception management facilities to repair specific classes of data problems. In areas where structured electronic documents are not available, Descartes e-Pouch also offers document imaging services to capture original documents and insert them into the document repository in a similar fashion as paper documents.

As a web-based offering, Descartes e-Pouch provides a highly flexible and scalable solution for forwarders, without the need for costly and complex back-office integration and infrastructure investments.


Descartes e-Pouch leverages the power of the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), enabling organizations to electronically connect with shippers, carriers and regulatory authorities around the world.

  • Single Sign-onDescartes e-Pouch users can access additional Descartes GLN services such as Descartes GF-X Exchange™ and Descartes Cargo 2000™ via a single sign-on process. As a web-based service, Descartes e-Pouch also allows for easy integration with existing back-office systems.
  • Seamless Data Capture – Descartes e-Pouch offers multiple document upload options, including electronic messaging, manual capture (scanning/fax) or via other Descartes applications. This flexible solution leverages existing and developing standards for electronic business documents and supports multiple data types, including Cargo-IMP, XML, EDI, PDF and TIFF. Descartes e-Pouch also offers a forms rendering feature to convert messaging into appropriate document formats.
  • Usability – Descartes e-Pouch has a user-friendly, web-based interface enables easy access to search, view and edit capabilities; as well as populates information into multiple documents automatically. Built-in quality checks and alerts also notify users if documents or fields are missing or incomplete, while event-driven triggered action ensures document sequencing meets requirements.
  • Archiving – Descartes e-Pouch enables easy electronic archiving, as well as readily available access to historic data for up to 90 days online and up to seven years as a Descartes value added service.
  • Administration– Descartes e-Pouch offers a range of advanced administrative features that improve efficiency and security, including:
    • Access Control – Restricts document visibility based upon defined roles of parties
    • Profiles and Business Relationships – A nomination scheme for parties to nominate other parties they have direct relationships with for the shipment process
    • AWB Re-Use – Enables airway bills to be re-used by applying rules for various waybill states (e.g. rejected, confirmed, cancelled)