Mobile Workforce Management Software Improves Operational Efficiencies with Real Time Visibility

Descartes Mobile™ is a mobile workforce management software designed to tie directly into Descartes’ logistics decision support, fleet routing and dispatch operations, and automated vehicle locator (AVL) systems. Reflecting the range of mobile resource needs, the solutions improve operational efficiencies through real-time data exchange with remote personnel. By keeping the entire enterprise up-to-date with real-time visibility status, companies can be more responsive to the fluid nature of business, and customer satisfaction improves due to better visibility.

Descartes Mobile provides integrated two-way wireless communication and passive fleet monitoring capabilities for enhanced logistics execution. It extends traditional vehicle route planning and scheduling by incorporating a free flow of information between dispatch and the field. Mobile devices feed data in via a wireless server. Descartes’ network gateway provides a single point of access to work across multiple networks. Descartes Mobile directly integrates logistics operations and routing and scheduling solutions with the following features:

Descartes' Mobile Workforce Management Software Features:

En-route Capabilities

  • Route Sequences and Turn-by-Turn Navigation:

    Improve driver productivity with optimized route plans that can be efficiently delivered to a broad range of mobile devices complemented by optional navigational functionality to help drivers get to where they are going.
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL):

    Use next generation GPS technology to monitor vehicles or people in the field for advanced plan vs. actual performance monitoring. Shipment status updates and system alerts can be automatically triggered when designated routes are not followed. Descartes provides options for both active and passive tracking
  • Real-time Updates:

    Go beyond basic status messaging and enable dispatchers to dynamically adjust routes based on actual performance and order changes with easy to implement and user-friendly solutions that allow drivers to capture and transmit events such as arrivals, departures, and delays using inexpensive consumer grade devices.

At-Stop Capabilities

  • Scanning & Proof of Delivery (POD):

    Eliminate paper and streamline operations with robust at-stop data collection that supports signature capture, scan-on/scan-off capabilities, confirmation of product counts, pictures of damages, and much more all in a paperless environment.
  • At-Stop Commercial Functions:

    Reduce billing cycles by automatically transmitting essential financial and logistics data to customer service and billing systems.

Customer Success - Mobile Management 

Day & Ross - Good-bye paper

"That request is recorded and sent automatically through the data networks to a device the driver has, which says, ‘Please go here and pick this up.’ From soup to nuts we’ve automated the process.”

Woolworths - Woolworths Supports Online Retail Growth With Descartes/Bestrane Cloud-Enabled Home Delivery Solution

"The Descartes Route Planner Suite combines planning, execution and comprehensive reporting to provide genuine route optimization with fully-integrated route tracking and execution via mobile devices. For Woolworths, the solution has contributed to a significant improvement in productivity and on-time delivery performance," said Dave Sanders, Managing Director of Bestrane. 

Sears - Sears Holdings Selects Descartes Home Delivery Solution

 "We chose Descartes' home delivery solution because of its innovative approach and comprehensive capabilities from delivery appointment scheduling right through to mobile-enabled proof-of-delivery."

Descartes' Mobile Workforce Management Benefits:

Enable significant improvement in operating performance by:

  • Tightly integrating with Descartes’ back-end dispatching and planning systems
  • Minimizing route distances by enabling proactive responsiveness
  • Reducing stop duration, fuel usage, and labor hours Targeting costly voice communication and cell phone bills

Enhance customer service and retention by:

  • Improving on-time performance
  • More accurately predicting delivery windows
  • Relying on actual performance data

Descartes Mobile Application (links for download)

Download the Android Descartes Mobile App from Google Play

Download the iOS Descartes Mobile App on the App Store