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Eric Bossdorf, Vice President, Global Sales, Descartes Systems Group

What types of changes will have the greatest impact on the broker and forwarder industry in the next few years?

At a macroeconomic level, the continued changes in economic policies and regulatory challenges are a primary focus of brokers and forwarders. Looking at the evolving regulatory environment, continued evolution of the U.S. Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) can be challenging for compliance. Initiatives such as Export Manifest in the United States, eManifest in Canada are coming on-line, and there will also be challenges and changes to both programs as they are rolled out and refined.

Analyzing how forwarders and brokers interact with their customer base, clients are requesting more data, requiring faster receipt of information and delivery of data in a format that they can use.

How can technology help forwarders and customs brokers prepare for change?

Investment in technology is critical for forwarders and brokers. The industry wants to operate faster, more efficiently and improve the bottom line; and this can be achieved through technology. With the right solution in place, businesses can become more efficient as they classify goods and meet compliance-related challenges. Many forwarders and brokers are seeking methods to better connect to trading partners and leverage the data they currently have throughout their business and share this information. Descartes’ technology helps forwarders and brokers achieve this goal.

Some of the most advanced solutions available from Descartes include functions that enable our customers to integrate financial back office processes with operational functionality. Descartes can take current cost and financial structures and integrate this with existing systems including our own solutions as well as third-party offerings.

About Descartes Broker & Forwarder Enterprise Systems

Descartes’ extensive customs and logistics domain expertise is embodied in a comprehensive technology platform designed to help brokers and forwarders more efficiently run complex international operations. On-demand solutions enable large and small organizations to take advantage of robust capabilities for bookings, security filings and customs entries, shipment and financial management. Our market-proven solutions automate the collection of shared data and multi-party shipment processes, and help brokers and forwarders extend the command of operations with their logistics partners and meet their delivery performance objectives.

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