Get the Third Installment in the Series: Effective Automation

To accelerate operations and become a digital forwarder, freight forwarders must automate time-consuming, non-value-added activities and refocus resources on what they do best—moving freight.

This ultimate guide is the third in a series that covers how the freight forwarding market is changing and what to do it about it. Filled with easy-to-understand practical take-aways, this piece focuses on opportunities for automation that can free forwarders to improve productivity and accelerate business growth.

  • Customer-Facing Enablement – Today’s customers have high expectations. They anticipate online visibility, continuous communication, and self-service access.
  • Collecting Data and Effective Integration – Seamlessly passing data between trading partners with data-driven analytics is fundamental to effective digitization.
  • Effective Automation – Automating as much manual work as possible can free resources and help forwarders untangle from legacy analog-driven, labor-intensive processes. Please download to the right.
  • Global Price Management (GPM) - Learn about a new class of digital solutions for forwarders called Global Price Management that is helping forwarders differentiate their service offering and improve the bottom line.