Cloud-based Software Automates Supply Chain PO Management and Inventory Control

When your business is electronically connected to your suppliers, via a collaborative purchase order management software solution, supply chain management becomes a lot less complicated. Descartes Purchase Order Direct™ (Descartes P.O. Direct™) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a unique combination of technology and information services that can improve the performance of your import supply chain by giving you real-time, continuous visibility into inventory, even before it reaches your warehouse.

With Descartes P.O. Direct, purchase orders are electronically managed with overseas suppliers in a simple, web-based portal.  Suppliers can easily log-on to electronically manage purchase orders, report on production status with milestones, and even update ready dates.

This automated process allows you to eliminate data entry errors while receiving comprehensive real-time purchase order status to expedite orders across your entire supply base.  Also, since changes to PO quantities, SKUs or ready-dates are made online; you can focus your efforts and manage the entire process by exception.  The end-result is improved supplier compliance to fill rates and ship windows to help meet required delivery dates.

Additional modules can be added on to realize increased optimization, like incorporating Descartes' labeling solutions at each of your factories, for example.  In this way, you can further standardize and simplify the process using barcode and RFID technologies to account for inventory and build shipments – either direct as a full container from the factory or as a delivery to a local warehouse or logistics provider. 

Use Descartes' complete suite of warehousing solutions to inventory goods for future replenishment and to manage seafreight consolidations and inbound routings to satisfy distribution plans. Add-on packaging optimization functionality and you can further extend the value of Descartes P.O. Direct and optimize parcel placement within the overpack.

Since inventory is tracked through the entire process, allocations can be made at any time to ship ‘hot’ items by airfreight to fulfill promotional demands.  Descartes P.O. Direct offers the fastest cycle time – up to 60% faster – to deliver goods direct-to-store.

Or, with sea freight, take a last-minute allocation from inventory ‘on-the-water’ to quickly respond to changes in domestic distribution plans as goods move through Customs.  With last minute allocations, diversions, and direct-to-store delivery, you can realize higher inventory turns and fewer stockouts.

With Descartes P.O. Direct, you will see results immediately: shave days off of total cycle time, hold less inventory, reduce total landed costs, improve fulfillment decisions and create a whole new level of visibility and control throughout your business.

Watch this video to learn more about how you and your suppliers can begin electronically managing your purchase orders.