As the market leader, Florin AG, a specialist in oils, fats and margarines, ensures that Switzerland is supplied with sustainable, high-quality products. By outsourcing the EDI communication services to Descartes STEPcom, Florin can concentrate on the essence and execution of the processes.

“The operation and maintenance of EDI communication links should not be underestimated. Thanks to Descartes STEPcom's EDI services, new EDI connections can be implemented efficiently and easily, and monitoring and security are guaranteed at all times. This allows us to fully concentrate on the internal processes.”

Thomas Gerig, Head of IT at Florin

Challenge: Outsourcing of the EDI communication services

Florin AG operated its own in-house EDI systems very early on, together with the ERP system SAP. In 2009, the company sought an outsourcing partnership to relieve itself of the task of the technical connection to the various EDI partners. For this project, they turned to Descartes STEPcom.

Solution: B2B Messaging / efficient EDI communication

As guidelines for its supply chain, Florin AG relies on maintaining its supplier relationships in order to achieve optimal purchasing conditions. In addition, Florin AG builds on transparent, traceable, socially responsible and resilient supply chains. With its cost-conscious thinking, the company attaches great importance to reducing error-related costs through clear action plans and objectives.

The decision to outsource the communication services via Descartes STEPcom's EDI Communication Service is part of this strategy. As a result, Florin AG no longer needs to worry about the technical connection to the various EDI partners but can concentrate on the essence and handling of the processes. Florin exchanges all EDI data via a uniform connection with Descartes STEPcom. The EDI Communication Service then provides communication with the trading partners via various technologies, VANs (Value Added Network) and roaming partners.

The message types used are: ORDERS (order), ORDRSP (order response), DESADV incl. SSCC (delivery note with serial shipping container code), INVOIC (invoice), INVRPT (inventory report), REMADV (payment advice) etc.

In addition to EDI, Florin AG also uses solutions for exchanging product master data with SyncWORKS and GloLIB from Descartes STEPcom. Thanks to SyncWORKS as the PIM system (Product Information Management), Florin's product data can be optimally prepared for exchange with customers via interfaces, supplemented if necessary, and validated and sent for each data recipient. This ensures a smooth process and high data quality. It is based on the standardized Global Data Model from GS1 Global. Finally, via GloLIB, the GS1-certified GDSN® data pool (Global Data Synchronization Network), the product data is correctly transmitted via GDSN to data recipients or GS1 Switzerland’s trustbox®.


Stable and secure EDI environment - incl. 24/7 monitoring and support of the outsourcing solution.

Monitoring and Track&Trace - a tool to ensure smooth day-to-day business.

Collaboration in partnership and short communication channels - support with customer queries.

Uniform and simple connection - transparent and smooth processing.

Success Story
Florin AG


Vandenbogaerde opts for scalable EDI communication

The entire order-to-cash process is automatic and can handle more without putting pressure on the administration.

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