Vandenbogaerde guarantees the processing and supply of beef. To sell their products through retailers in Benelux and Northern France, communication via EDI became a must. Due to the company's growth and the food industry's needs, the search for an integrated and scalable EDI solution was started.

“Although EDI is the norm, every retailer has specific requirements within EDI communication. Here too, Descartes' EDI Messaging supports us by translating such specific message traffic to our various partners.”

Kristof Coysman, Responsible IT & Administration

Challenge: EDI communication that meets supermarket requirements

Due to strong growth, there was a need for a digital system to streamline communication with trading partners. In addition, EDI quickly became the norm for many department store chains. And so supermarkets now require ordering, delivery and invoicing via EDI communication, which means that Vandenbogaerde also had to comply with this.

Solution: EDI Messaging

In order to be able to supply supermarkets within Benelux and Northern France, EDI communication is required. Vandenbogaerde was therefore looking for a partner who could offer an integrated and scalable EDI solution to meet the market segment’s needs.

“In the beginning, we worked manually, but the standards within large supermarkets meant that we also had to set up EDI communication. Automating these message flows enabled us to optimize our processes and, moreover, our error rate has decreased considerably,” says Edwin Heuvelink, Commercial Director at Vandenbogaerde.

Kristof Coysman, responsible for IT & Administration explains: “A lot of orders come in every day, which often have to be delivered the same day. Because we send our orders, order confirmations, packing slips and invoices via EDI communication, we can handle more traders without putting pressure on our administration and we have a faster turnaround time. In addition, we can ensure that every shipment comes with an SSCC label. With this, the recipient immediately has all the necessary information about the package when he scans it.”

Descartes' network services provide the necessary speed and scalability to keep up with developments in the food industry’s logistics sector. Kristof Coysman says about the progress of the EDI project: “You should not underestimate an EDI project. Success depends on the competencies on both sides and on realistic expectations. We have been working with Descartes on this in a smooth and professional manner for many years."


Process optimization - The entire order-to-cash process is automatic and can handle more without putting pressure on the administration.

Reduced error rate - By automating the entire order-to-cash process, there is a significant reduction in margin of error.

Time gain - Thanks to the integrated solution, Vandenbogaerde has been able to realize a considerable time gain because there are fewer manual steps in the processes.

Automated communication via EDI - The automated processes make drafting and sending orders, packing slips and invoices a lot easier. In addition, the EDI communication is carried out according to the GS1 standards.

Success Story


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