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How much does a customs software solution cost? 
Try our online calculator, by answering a few questions we will be able to calculate the percentage range of your potential savings based on your current declaration price. 

Prepare for upcoming changes in submitting customs declarations

  • CHIEF Imports for existing CHIEF badge holders have now ceased and all imports are submitted to CDS.
  • New Badges for CHIEF will only be issued for CHIEF Exports.

  • All new customs imports enquiries and set ups must use CDS. 

  • HMRC have made the announcement to introduce a phased approach to CDS Exports. 

CDS Timeline:

  • 4th of March – All CDS exports declarations can now be submitted that are “inventory linked” sites and GVMS sites.

  • From Saturdays 30th of March – All exportes declarations ideally should be made through CDS – leading up the final transition date in June.
  • June (Tuesday 4th) 2024 – HMRC to switch off CHEIF for all new submissions.
  • January 2025 999L, waiver will be withdrawn (already withdrawn from CDS imports) 

Webinar: Are you CDS ready?

This is an excellent opportunity to take a good look at the Descartes software in action as we take look at CDS export and import customs declarations. We will also discuss what steps you need to make to be ready for CDS.

This webinar is primarily intended for those companies who are seeking a CDS software solution. But it is also aimed at current Descartes users, especially those that are using the HMRC CHIEF system and haven't yet migrated to CDS.

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What businesses can do now 

If they have not done so already, declarants can carry out the following steps to prepare their businesses for using CDS for export declarations:  

It remains vital to act today and be CDS ready. Descartes Software is CDS compliant and ready for the upcoming customs changes. We are ready to help support you through the next steps and be CDS Export ready.  

Would you like to speak to a member of the team to help guide you?  Contact us

Some FAQ’s that we receive from our customers regarding CDS:

Will we be able to use e-Customs when it changes?

Yes, we were the first software vendor to go LIVE in 2018 with a selection of customer. That number has continued to grow every month.

Do I need to do anything?

Register for CDS on the HMRC Govt gateway with Descartes e-customs named as your provider.

Will there still be a link between CCS UK and Imports in CDS? Will we still go into CCS UK and then when we click to clear by full dec it will go to CDS?

Yes, when CCS UK are ready for now they have been focusing on CDS in Northern Ireland and the airports they cover e.g., Belfast Intl and City

Do I need to tell the CSP I am using CDS?

You need to inform the Community System Provider (CSP) badge operators e.g., CNS and MCP that your badge needs to be configured for CDS using the Descartes e-customs system. *Please contact them direct. 

Can we switch over one or two badges to CDS live and keep most with CHIEF to permit us time to become accustomed to CDS, then move the rest over when happy, or do we have to switch all links at once?

We have designed e-customs to be dual use, so yes you can do that. The CDS decs are within the CDS menu. The CHIEF decs continue as they are for now under Imports and Exports menu options within e-customs.

*NOTE - The CSP badge operator will need to config the badge for CDS as well. Check with your CSP if you have more than one badge with the same CSP to ensure they are OK with your suggestion as well. Also be aware if you are using CDS and CHIEF in dual running, the Deferment account will require a Direct Debit set up for CHIEF (like you have now) and a new one for CDS as they are separate systems/accounts with HMRC.

Do you still get C88 and E2 prints with CDS?

C88 and E2 are no longer formal reports from CHIEF. Within e-customs will take the response and convert it into a lookalike document that has the support of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers, (AFSS) and British International Forwarding Association (BIFA) and HMRC have seen sight of.

I upload my data to e-customs, does that have to be changed?

There will be a difference in your process as there are areas of the data set required for CDS that is different to that of CHIEF, which means differences in the User Interface and in the integration data. Please contact the Descartes service desk for further help and guidance stating “A request for CDS interface specs and Professional Services support ”

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