Sometimes the simplest ideas produce the greatest results

An event like COVID-19 (coronavirus) changes everything. One big change is the number of vehicles on the road. There has been a significant reduction in traffic and, as a result, actual road speeds have increased. If your company uses a route planning system and you haven’t increased road speeds, then you’re potentially missing out on a significant increase in delivery productivity.

You may be noticing through your GPS-based route tracking solution that your drivers are returning much earlier than planned. This is what happened to one of our customers and, when they increased the road speeds in their planning solution, the number of deliveries per hour grew by 37%. The productivity increase was critical to the customer because their business has expanded due to COVID-19 and they needed to quickly scale their capacity to make more deliveries.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest ideas that produce the greatest results. How is your company addressing your COVID-19 delivery challenges? Let me know

Written by Chris Jones

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Services