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Why Are Forwarders Using Descartes Air Shipment Management™ (Descartes ASM™)?

Why Are Air Carriers Using Descartes Air Shipment Management?

Digitizing & Modernizing Air Shipment Management

Air shipment logistics is complex, with large amounts of information that must be transferred between freight forwarders and carriers to keep pace with modern supply chain demands. A solution is needed that can automate the air freight shipment process, easily capture relevant data, and effortlessly transfer information between stakeholders.

Freight forwarders and carriers are using Descartes Air Shipment Management™ to stream data between systems and parties, achieve insight into shipment statues, and move toward more electronic and automatic processes. It is Descartes’ deep understanding of the air cargo industry and knowledge of complex air freight messaging and data standards that makes Descartes unique in the industry and is helping elevate operations for forwarders and carriers worldwide.


DHL is using Descartes Air Shipment Management solution to simplify its electronic document management for shipments worldwide. Descartes is helping the air cargo supply chain shift to digital and automate processes and improve communications between air freight supply chain participants.


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