Adrian Gonzalez with Talking Logistics interviews Descartes’ Joely Callaway, Vice President, Customs Content, and Brendan McCahill, Senior Vice President, Trade Data Content, on the importance of global trade developments. With rapid-fire trade policy shifts, it’s critical for businesses that trade internationally to identify risk, maintain customs compliance, and tap into market opportunities.

Joely Callaway details how Descartes can capture classification, tariff and trade agreement changes, and then translate the data into a standard that businesses can use. Joely also explores the need to keep pace with international sanctions and Denied Party Screening (DPS) shifts. With fines on the rise, and changes that can occur hourly, the penalties for DPS non-compliance have reached record levels.

Brendan McCahill dives deep into Descartes’ market research capabilities and how our solutions collect, cleanse and organize large volumes of import and export data. From U.S. Department of Commerce information that is primarily value-driven to volume-related vessel manifest information, Brendan explains how businesses can leverage a simple online tool and more to derive meaningful business intelligence at both the micro- and macro-level.

Guided in the discussion by Adrian, both Joely and Brendan underscore why timely access to accurate and up-to-date trade data is invaluable to help businesses stay informed, reduce risk, demonstrate reasonable care, explore sourcing options, identify new market possibilities and more.

Video: Navigating the Landscape of Global Trade 

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