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Jos Nuijten, Vice President, Network Integration Strategy, Descartes Systems Group

How would you describe the value of network communications to today’s global supply chain?

The traditional value of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was to enable savings through the reduction of labor, minimal retyping and improved data quality. Now the trend has moved toward the reduction of supply chain complexity. For example, in the air mode of transport with the electronic air waybill (eAWB) program, the trend is toward digital connectivity. This means that if information is not flowing, then goods are not moving. This also introduces a number of challenges as well since companies now must move toward electronic connectivity.

This is where the value of networks comes into play such as the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™). The Descartes GLN connects thousands of trading partners globally across all modes of transport. As a result, companies can derive value from enhanced communication.

How is Descartes helping to drive value with its network?

Descartes offers the largest multimodal network. The Descartes GLN is continually expanding, adding trading partners, standards and applications to help businesses add value. We automate standard processes which helps users enhance performance.

Our solution goes beyond traditional EDI and messaging, and enables companies to access actionable data. The Descartes GLN also collects information from a number of sources, including government and other portals, to span Denied Party Screening (DPS), duty and tariff information, and more. Our aim is to create the world’s most comprehensive network community.

About Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™)

The Descartes GLN is the standard for multimodal, inter-enterprise electronic data and document exchange. The Descartes GLN can seamlessly move or transfer data to various trading partners, leverage Descartes’ network-based solutions or connect to existing solutions. The Descartes GLN is continuously growing community of connected parties in more than 160 countries. It is the inherent flexibility of the Descartes GLN that can help businesses enhance logistics processes, or differentiate their service offering from the competition. 

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