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Preston Barton, Vice President, North American Content Sales, Descartes Systems Group

What are some of the key trends affecting the global trade industry today?

Global logistics will continue to be influenced by the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. There have been more global trade regulations passed in the past decade than in the past century. As a result, it is challenging for customers to keep pace with multiple regulations from country-to-country.

How is Descartes helping companies address these types of regulatory changes?

With Descartes Global Trade Content solutions, our customers have access to a vast library of tariff, duty, tax, trade agreement and regulatory information. This type of data helps multi-national shippers, customs brokers, third-party logistics service providers (3PLs), forwarders, multimodal carriers, and others in the compliance profession meet reasonable care standards as well as the reasonable care equivalents in other countries and meet the classification determination process.

The function of global trade content technology is to place the right information, at the right time, into the right business process or the contextual workflow of compliance professionals. As a result, companies can reduce risk, minimize labor and make better classification decisions. Businesses can derive even greater value by streaming trade data into Global Trade Management (GTM) systems, such as SAP GTS or Oracle GTM, to further enhance compliance rates and minimize duty spend.

About Descartes Global Trade Content

Descartes Global Trade Content solution suite helps businesses achieve higher trade compliance rates, increase insight and leverage market research, reduce the risk of transacting with denied parties and minimize duty spend. From fueling Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and GTM systems with trade content, streamlining automation, improving classification processes, driving e-commerce solutions, providing actionable intelligence through global import-export data and more; Descartes Global Trade Content unites technology and people with the trade information to power international commerce and improve compliance.

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