Schweppes Belgium, an international soft drink producer, organizes its supply chain distribution with Descartes WinRoute™ software.


Before Schweppes switched to the Descartes WinRoute, they organized their distribution manually. This was both time consuming and very inefficient. “We needed a more professional and automated solution. We lost a lot of time and money as a result of manual planning,” says Bernard Baugniet, Traffic & Warehouse Manager at Schweppes Belgium.


With a seasonal peak in the summer months, Schweppes consistently commits to delivers within 48 hours, on the basis of orders received by fax, e-mail, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or phone. As soon as an order is put into the system, data is imported into the Descartes fleet management solution, which then computes and calculates planning and delivery needs for the day.

Descartes WinRoute provides route sheets per vehicle and sends data back to the system for approval. The shipping tickets are printed and the agenda for loading and delivery is issued. Although Schweppes guarantees 48 hours delivery, reality is that the delivery timeframes are much shorter. Vehicles are overloaded, so the dispatcher can evaluate the problems accurately and solve them quickly.


Descartes WinRoute leverages advanced route planning and route optimization technologies. The software can calculate your daily planning, improve service delivery, provide real-time visibility, as well as examine the cost-effectiveness of your fleet management strategy, helping to understand and control company transportation costs.

“Descartes WinRoute software offers many advantages, including an increase of time and money. In addition, the distribution planning is much more accurate, reducing the number of vehicles needed to complete delivery, which provides a financial savings. In addition, we do not have to deal with surprises concerning delivery: if the Descartes route planning software determines that 20 routes are necessary, it is correct and everything goes as planned,” says Bernard Baugniet.