Quickly Validate HS Codes & Apply Classifications Across Mutiple Items

Monitoring World Customs Organization (WCO) changes and country-level Harmonized System (HS) modifications can be a labor-intensive process. Classifications can be modified without notice and many companies are unaware when changes are made or how to identify errors. In addition, some businesses require a simple, task-oriented solution to quickly validate classifications and check for inaccurate data.

Descartes CustomsInfo™ HS Validator is a streamlined, stand-alone solution that enables companies to easily upload current products and HS codes. The solution tests the accuracy of existing codes, marks invalid classifications for review and vetting, provides an opportunity to correct or remap codes, and exports the results. The functionality is provided within an intuitive, web-based interface packaged in a rapid-deploy model.

  • Deploy mass updates across multiple items
  • Rapidly validate HS codes
  • Use an easy-to-use import wizard and a standard export template
  • Access proven best practice work flows
  • Monitor codes continuously
  • Deploy mass classification updates and approval decisions
  • Review a detailed audit trail

Potential Benefits

  • Leverage a rapid time-to-benefit with a quick launch model
  • Confirm that current HS codes are correct to ensure compliance
  • Simultaneously reclassify groups of products to boost efficiency
  • Ensure accuracy with ongoing checks of country-level tariffs
  • Rapidly identify errors with dashboard notifications and counts
  • Better demonstrate reasonable care
  • Re-classify goods up to 6x faster than with manual-based processes
  • Enhance collaboration with role-based system of checks and balances