For freight forwarders and other logistics intermediaries, ensuring the seamless movement of freight is essential in today’s fast-paced marketplace. As such, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) need to have the right technology in place to effectively manage the planning and execution of import and export shipments for all modes of domestic and international transportation.

Descartes NetFreight™ is a web-based solution that helps LSPs effectively coordinate and control global multimodal operations to realise a higher level of operational efficiency and accuracy. As a web-based solution, Descartes NetFreight offers highly sophisticated capabilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house systems. This advanced, all-in-one application is scalable and extensible; capable of managing small domestic operations or a larger network of overseas offices and agents via a secure, globally-accessible portal.

Descartes NetFreight has options to combine end-to-end freight management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), rates, document management and generation, invoicing and more in an intuitive, integrated platform. Information is exchanged throughout the entire application to help improve productivity, reduce errors and add-to overall efficiency. With the ability to add-on Integrated Customs for Europe (ICE) functionality, Descartes NetFreight offers customers the ability to leverage additional value-added customs compliance capabilities to meet evolving business requirements.

Web-based Software for Logistics Service Providers