From order faxes to integrated EDI:
HEMI reaps the benefits of order processing automation

HEMI, a company active in the serial production of interiors for the retail, DIY, garden centers and leisure & hospitality sectors, switched to EDI in 2019 at the request of the DIY retailer Intergamma. The switch from manual processing of incoming orders to automatic messaging has ensured that both parties have less to worry about for these orders.

“You first have to look at your message volume, but if that is large enough, EDI will ensure a faster order process with fewer errors. It just works well.”

Jeroen Kik, Project Manager

Challenge: Order processing via EDI

The request came from customer Intergamma to work with EDI so that smaller orders could also be processed via EDI. For HEMI, the biggest challenge was to connect Intergamma's EDI for DIY (EANCOM®) with HEMI's ERP software. The option to have orders received via HEMI's web shop was not retained because then the specific agreements with the customer (e.g. for prices of certain items) would not be applied one-on-one.

In the past, orders were received from HEMI via fax or email. The information was then manually transferred into the system. This meant that a lot of time was spent on relatively small orders. Additionally, there was always the risk of mistakes. HEMI's corporate culture is cost-conscious, so the benefits of EDI fit perfectly into that picture: less need to worry about small orders, a lower risk of errors and efficient supply chain processes.

Solution: B2B Messaging / integrated EDI

The Descartes team sat down with the Hemi project group and together they ensured that everything was aligned. The main focus was on how EDI would be used for store construction at HEMI and how it would be used for trade goods at Intergamma. HEMI set up a project group that, together with Descartes and the ERP consultant, looked at how everything could be handled within its own system because additional translations were necessary. The mappings were set up jointly with Descartes. Then both sides started to build. After the required tests and adjustments, the implementation was successfully completed after about eight months.

The collaboration with Descartes went well: there was intensive consultation on all aspects. For companies considering an EDI project, Jeroen Kik mentions that it is important to consider in advance how far EDI will be used. “We also did that evaluation. No need to do overkill, because EDI can be used in various other processes.”

Even after the go-live, the collaboration with Descartes continued: "the product suite is good, the commercial and technical communication is separated and there is proactive thinking about possible adjustments in case of fluctuations in message volume," says a satisfied Jeroen Kik. When asked whether he would recommend integrated EDI to other companies, he answers affirmatively: “You first have to look at your message volume, but if that is large enough, EDI will ensure a faster order process with fewer errors. It just works well.”


Worry-free order process - neither party has to worry about order processing.

Faster processing - time savings through automated data exchange.

Error-free order processing - no manual intervention in the process.

Proactive project approach - smooth collaboration with a partner who thinks along.

Success Story


Vandenbogaerde opts for scalable EDI communication

The entire order-to-cash process is automatic and can handle more without putting pressure on the administration.

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