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The Future-Proofed Platform for Your Routing Needs

In the ever-changing landscape of distribution, the right route planning solution is key. It's not just about the technology, but also the provider's ongoing commitment to innovation and growth. The best partner for the long term also brings deep domain expertise and financial strength to continue to adapt to meet evolving market needs.

Are You Facing Challenges Like These as Reported by Roadnet Customers?

  • Forced migration to less capable technology platforms
  • Constantly changing sales and support contacts unfamiliar with your business
  • Difficulty in accessing knowledgeable product support
  • Slow or unresponsive support services
  • Significant slowdown in product innovation and new features
  • Uncertainty about Roadnet products' future in organizations not focused on route planning and execution

Discover how Descartes can eliminate these challenges. Our steadfast dedication to customer success is backed by expert teams in routing, mobile, and telematics and a company with a history of financial success and product investment. We have built our products and organization to be with you for the long term.

Integrated Solutions for Enhanced Fleet Performance

Our Market-leading Solutions

As a one-stop solution provider for fleet operators, Descartes offers industry-leading solutions for route planning and execution, driver and vehicle performance and safety management, and customer engagement. Our comprehensive solution significantly improves fleet performance and customer experience, catering to multiple industries including food and beverage distribution, building supply and construction, retail, logistics companies, and more.

We're Transforming Operations

Descartes' cloud-based solutions transform operations for companies of all sizes, offering cost reductions of 5-25% over traditional routing systems and manual processes. We specialize in advanced route planning, increasing delivery capacity and asset utilization, while also simplifying planning processes. Benefit from our AI-driven automation that adapts and scales to diverse needs, keeping you ahead in the dynamic delivery landscape.

We're Dedicated to Continuous Improvement & Advancement

Our Recent Acquisition Timeline

At our core, we are dedicated to continuously improving how we serve fleet operators. We believe in the power of relentless curiosity and bold innovation. We understand that great ideas come from listening. That’s why we engage deeply with our customers and partners, tuning into the evolving needs of organizations in today's dynamic environment. Our commitment involves not just developing state-of-the-art routing solutions, but also strategically acquiring technology providers.

This approach not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also embodies our promise to expand the ways we can contribute to the growth and success of the organizations we serve.

Expert Implementation

At Descartes, we believe that implementation goes beyond making the product work in your operation. Our collaborative approach with customers is designed to help them achieve their business goals and identify new opportunities for enhanced performance. We work to understand your goals and determine the best solutions and strategies to achieve them. Our implementation methodology is based on the best practices we have learned from working with numerous customers.

We help establish clarity and empower our customers to be effective users post “go-live.” We have significant experience transitioning Roadnet solution users to Descartes. We know what questions to ask and approaches to take to make the transition as seamless as possible. Most importantly, we know how to implement our solutions to deliver results that far exceed what could be accomplished with Roadnet products.

Process Definition
We work with you to clearly define procedures and an implementation process that mirror your requirements.
Solution Design
We tailor our solutions ahead of implementation to ensure a smooth rollout.
Defining Success
We collaboratively define critical success factors with you to meet business objectives.
Installation & Go-live
Our expert implementation team will collaborate with you to deploy the solution according to your technical requirements.
Education & Training
We will train and guide your staff to ensure maximum utility from the solution to use the technology with confidence.
Project Management
We consult with you before, during, and after implementation to ensure key milestones are met or exceeded.

Ongoing Service & Success

At Descartes, we never walk away and the people that work with you have been doing it at Descartes for years. To ensure continuous success and increased value from your routing, mobile and telematics solution, we offer a robust support structure.

Our dedicated support team, distinct from the implementation group, provides quick resolutions to performance issues and responses to inquiries. Our customer success managers proactively work with you to get more from the solutions you have by identifying ways to use those solutions to meet changing business requirements, make training recommendations and engaging additional solution experts to improve effectiveness and more. We encourage product enhancement ideas and have a system that allows you to enter and track their progress as well as understand what product requests other customers have.

Our Technology Partners & Integrations

We work with the most advanced technology partners and are not tied to legacy technologies. In line with our commitment to operational excellence, our network of leading telematics and geospatial data partners are seamlessly integrated into our solutions.

These partnerships are crafted to streamline your operations, significantly improving your team's efficiency and visibility, ensuring a blend of precision, innovation, and clarity in every aspect of your delivery operations.

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Our Proven Success Stories Speak for Themselves

David Flitman, CEO, US Foods

“We launched a Descartes routing pilot in our first market. We continue to learn from this pilot and intend to pilot a second location before year-end with national implementation planned for 2024. Our routing improvement initiative, combined with our move to Descartes, will enable us to improve service levels to our customers, while also reducing miles driven and fuel consumption as highlighted by our third-quarter performance where we delivered the best cases per mile in our company's history.

"In addition, our flexible scheduling initiative is making solid progress as we have moved from the pilot phase to broader deployment across our network and it is now live in 16 locations. We continue to see significant improvements across our network and especially in our pilots, including a year-over-year reduction in turnover that is approximately twice the rate of improvement versus our other locations, a 30% improvement in safety, and continued improvement in productivity."

An Integrated Suite Built to Accelerate Your Fleet’s Performance

Reduce Costs
Our solutions help companies optimize their resources, reduce their emissions, and minimize their costs
Customer Experience
Work better and smarter while delivering an exceptional customer experience
Increase Revenue
Delivery options that fit your delivery personas are key to increasing revenue
Boost Driver Safety, Compliance & Retention
Help drivers safely perform at their best, adhere to regulatory requirements, and get the highest level of job satisfaction
Improve Sustainability
Turn sustainability from a challenge into an opportunity
Digitize Operations
Improve service quality, increase productivity, and ensure customer service with electronic proof of delivery.

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