Security Filngs, Declaration & Fiscal Compliance & More

Our modular approach also enables businesses to select specific features and functions based on compliance requirements, available in-house resources, technology infrastructure, budgets and relationships with trading partners. Combined with the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), these solutions help you:

  • Gather data from multiple parties and integrate it for filings;
  • Move goods across borders without disruption;
  • Reduce the risks of penalties or fines;
  • Meet a wide range of safety, security and commercial compliance mandates; and
  • Store data for all filings and compliance agency responses to enable complete audit and reporting capabilities.

Descartes’ Customs & Regulatory Compliance solution capabilities include:

  • Cargo Security Compliance (Security Filings)– Descartes provides importers, customs brokers, forwarders and carriers with a solution toolset created to address their respective roles and obligations including:
    • Advanced manifest filing solutions and system integration to address import security mandates around the world;
    • Dash-boarding and reporting functionality to monitor, audit and report on security initiatives;
    • Screening tools for parties and products to ensure anti-terrorism screening and compliance with corporate procedures on purchasing;
    • Electronic shipment folder of documents and automated routing to customs and brokers; and
    • Validation and routing engines, which allow for ERP initiated messaging without need for user interaction to send messages to and from governments.
  • Declaration and Fiscal Compliance– Descartes is unique in the market in that it offers Canadian, American, and key European Union solutions to comprehensively manage the customs declaration and fiscal compliance processes, including:
    • Entry process including the starting of entries based on commercial data integrated to our systems from our customers or their suppliers;
    • Compliance validation on correct rating, trade agreement and post-entry processing;
    • Maintaining detailed and full product masters including all necessary information for Other Government Agencies (OGA), Participating Government Agencies(PGA) and trade agreement use;
    • Reporting and auditing at the highest levels of informed compliance; and
    • A customs warehouse management solution to comply with the rigorous requirements of a bonded warehouse.
  • Ocean Regulatory Services – Descartes assists ocean carriers and intermediaries meet requirements across a variety of compliance initiatives including the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission’s (FMC) Shipping Act. Our software solutions include a broad spectrum of tariff publication, bond, and archiving services for rates, charges, classifications and rules governing ocean cargo.
  • Data Management Services – Descartes Data Management services help customers comply with regulatory requirements through its experienced data management teams for ocean tariff and contract management maintenance and security filing services. For time sensitive cross border filings, Descartes provides several service offerings for carriers to comply with U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Canadian Border Services Agency’s Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) system requirements. Through fax/email of information via Descartes for data entry and submission to Customs, reception of e-alerts status messages, and viewing of waybills and status messages through web based tools, our team works to ensure smooth and timely processing at the border.
  • Industry Program Support: CSA, C-TPAT, EU Green Lanes – As customs compliance requirements grow in terms of volume of filings and complexity, importers and exporters are seeking better ways to accelerate the movement of cargo across international borders. The trade and government authorities have developed a number of industry programs such as U.S. C-TPAT (Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), U.S. ISA (Importer Self Assessment),Canadian CSA (Customs Self Assessment), EU Green Lanes, and others offering qualified participants considerable time savings in the transport of cross border freight.

Descartes provides importers and exporters effective ways to manage and audit, assess and report on shipment data, classifications and other key compliance elements to help qualify for and maintain special trade status. Since importers/exporters are ultimately responsible and potentially subject to heavy penalties and fines for any errors uncovered in information submitted to customs agencies, an integral part of compliance is having resources in place to effectively monitor broker activities, verify accuracy and identify commercial violation.