Thanks to three centuries of craftsmanship and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, Swinkels Family Brewers, an independent family of brewers and maltsters, has arrived at where it is today. Swinkels Family Brewers considers the implementation of a new EDI solution important because the company wants to continue to evolve into smarter and more sustainable entrepreneurship. With this EDI update, Swinkels Family Brewers is ready for the future.

“As a brewer and maltster, we consider this implementation important because we want to continue to evolve into smarter and more sustainable entrepreneurship, in order to pass on our company in an even better shape to the next generations. With this new version, we are ready for the future. For us, EDI is part of our digital transformation.”

Fred Hooft, Manager International Logistics at Swinkels Family Brewers

Challenge: update EDI solution to be future-proof

Swinkels Family Brewers has been working with EDI from Descartes for 15 years. Over time, every IT solution needs to be updated. The same goes for the EDI solution. The implementation project was entrusted to the Descartes team.

Solution: Implementation of a new version of integrated EDI

For Swinkels Family Brewers, EDI is a solution that provides electronic communication with suppliers. Descartes provides a large network of these supplier connections for the company to use. “This ensures that our system automatically generates orders to, for example, order new cans from a supplier as soon as our stock runs out. Because Descartes has these connections, we have contact with one party, after which they ensure correct messaging to the right supplier”, explains Twan Ermens, IT Business Analyst.

“In the context of smart entrepreneurship, it is important for us to continue to evolve in digitization and automation, among other things. In collaboration with Descartes, we developed our EDI system several years ago, and it is important that we continue to update it so that it remains future-proof. For us, EDI is part of our digital transformation,” adds Fred Hooft, Manager International Logistics .

The ordering processes have been streamlined thanks to the new version and costs have been saved since the introduction of EDI, among others because less manual work is required.

“We implemented the latest version of EDI in collaboration with Descartes. They helped us through the implementation. Communication is smooth and fast, and the team is very professional,” says Twan Ermens.


Process optimization - thanks to the update, processes are better organized

Cost savings - the gain in efficiency through EDI leads to lower costs

Future-proof solution - the update ensures that EDI can be used for years to come

Hassle-free project- a migration project can be cumbersome, but in this case everything went smoothly

Success story Swinkels Family Brewers

Vandenbogaerde opts for scalable EDI communication

The entire order-to-cash process is automatic and can handle more without putting pressure on the administration.

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