TDL Group is fully focused on the digital transformation of the company. EDI is an integral part of this because it provides reliable and real-time data. The analysis of that data allows TDL Group to optimize processes where necessary. As a logistics partner, they offer their customers a total package of high-quality services and tailor-made solutions on a daily basis.

“Of course we at TDL Group are working on digital transformation for our own professionalization, driven by our scale. But our customers also ensure that we continue to focus on digitization.”

Tom Kumpen, Responsible IT

Challenge: accelerating the automation of the logistics message flow

TDL Group's largest customer requested that the logistics message flow be conducted via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). They used Descartes as a broker for this. Because the mappings to retailers for this customer were already known at Descartes, TDL Group also teamed up with Descartes for the set-up of their EDI. TDL had an additional goal in the context of digital transformation: with the correct and real-time data generated using EDI, the company wants to gain insights for process optimization and business management.

Solution: effective logistics messaging with customers

As customer demand for message flow automation increased, TDL Group found a partner in Descartes that could provide them with a scalable and integrated solution to meet market requirements. Via Descartes' network services, the exchange of messages is now fully automatic - and according to GS1 standards. Specifically, this concerns the automation of orders and shipping messages such as DESADV and RECADV. In addition, TDL Group also sends stock correction messages, real-time status messages to be able to use the FEFO system (First Expired First Out), for example, and stock messages to keep the customer's ERP system continuously up to date. - But of course, there are also benefits for TDL Group itself.

“TDL Group is a growing company. Due to our own changing scale and because more and more customers are digitizing, we as a logistics partner want to innovate. Moreover, we had already mapped out the benefits of automating the logistics message flow for ourselves,” says Tom Kumpen, IT manager at TDL Group. EDI ensures that manual processing is no longer necessary when handling incoming and outgoing logistics messages. In addition, the error rate is also much lower, resulting in less duplication of work.

“The benefits of time savings, accuracy of the data and the fact that we can optimize processes after analyzing the data definitely outweigh the initial investment,” says Tom Kumpen. “When an error has crept into one of the messages, it immediately stands out because Descartes' mappings are set up in such a way that they cannot process incorrect data. We can now intervene immediately in the event of such anomalies. With manual handling, an error would take much longer to be detected. In that case, the rectification and resending would cost a lot of time and therefore money.”

The goal is now to convince even more customers to switch to EDI. These are customers with a considerable volume of messages who still deliver documents to TDL Group via FTP or via an attachment to an email.


Process optimization - EDI for automatic messaging provides TDL Group with the automation and acceleration of the logistics processes. In addition, the analysis of the generated data allows them to optimize processes.

Reduced error rate - Because no manual intervention is required for messaging, the error rate is much lower. In addition, the GS1 standard guarantees clear messages that leave no room for errors or misinterpretation.

Time savings - Thanks to EDI, errors in sent messages are almost non-existent. TDL Group no longer needs to intervene and avoids costly corrective actions. In addition, employees can concentrate on their core tasks.

Automated communication via EDI - TDL Group clearly sees the benefits of speed and accuracy of data by using EDI through an experienced partner.

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TDL Group


Vandenbogaerde opts for scalable EDI communication

The entire order-to-cash process is automatic and can handle more without putting pressure on the administration.



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