Continuous Optimization

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Real-time optimization technology offers more choices to customers at point-of-sale.

Continuous Optimization Produces Better Results, Gives Planners Visibility to Plans as They Are Being Created, and Reduces Planning Time

Continuous - Always On Model

Routing optimization begins immediately after order is placed and continues through delivery


  • Interactive systems
  • Real-time data constantly available for better results
  • Routes updated as orders received
  • Wave picking enabled
  • Dynamic delivery appointments with tighter time windows
  • Same-day service offered

Continuous optimization is a method where the route optimization process is performed iteratively, updating the solution results in real-time as new orders are entered. Continuous optimization is a more powerful and flexible approach to route optimization than batch optimization. When used in background optimization, it becomes a powerful robotic automation solution that dramatically improves route and planner performance.


Real-Time Planning

Planning and optimization starts once orders begin to flow into the system.

Better Results

Extended optimization time means more plan options can be evaluated, further improving the results.

Optimization Visibility

Planners can see the plan as it is being built to make adjustments, such as adding capacity.

Later Cut-Off Times

Because the planning review process takes less time, order cut-off times can be extended.

Earlier Pick & Staging

Warehouse operations can see routes as they are built and pick and stage earlier.

Robotic Process Automation

Continuous optimization used in robotic process automation can make every planner your best planner. 

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Continuous Optimization FAQ

Why is continuous optimization better than batch optimization?

Continuous optimization is better than batch optimization because it is constantly running and can spend more time optimizing the solution as well as provide the planner with greater visibility to the results as they are being created.

How is continuous optimization used in route planning?

Continuous optimization techniques are used in route planning were orders are occurring frequently throughout a period (e.g., day) and visibility to delivery routes in creation are required to operate the business or changes to routes in execution need to be addressed in real-time.

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