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Ebook: UK Customs and Bonded Warehousing
The management of bonded and free circulation stock within the realm of the UK customs and bonded warehousing presents unique challenges and opportunities for both traders and warehouse operators.
The Benefits of a Freeport in the UK
New UK Freeports are in the news, heralded as one of the benefits of leaving the EU and offering a range of opportunities for business to trade.
Understanding Customs Warehousing
How does a Customs Warehouse operate? And can it really help improve cash flow?

The Descartes UK Software Solution for Customs & Bonded Warehousing

If you’re importing goods into the UK then using a Customs Warehouse can help both suspend the payment of duty and VAT on imports and negate the need to pay duty twice on items which you ultimately intend to export again. Duties will become payable when products are delivered onto their next destination, or if goods are removed from the UK Customs Warehouse and entered into the 'home use' UK market. Looking for an overview of duty-free import opportunities in the UK? Start with our infographic.

Descartes eCustoms solutions help businesses make customs clearances easy, accessible, and efficient

eCustoms from Descartes has a module to manage both customs and free circulation stock, allowing traders, forwarders, warehouse operators and customs brokers to efficiently manage customs warehousing and fulfil their compliance and reporting obligations to HMRC.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Customs Warehouse?

Watch the video to get a full overview of the advantages and disadvantages of having a customs warehouse in the UK.

Customs Warehouse Video

What are the benefits of a Customs Warehouse?

Easy Stock Management

Enjoy seamless customs inventory control with effortless integration into your existing systems, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.

Flexible System Integration

Enhance operational efficiency by easily connecting our warehouse management system to your existing ERP or commercial systems, or choose manual input options.

Cost Saving Smart Picking

Maximize savings on duty expenses with our intelligent stock selection, optimizing costs and boosting your bottom line.

Streamlined Import/Export Process

Simplify international transactions with automated import declarations and periodic reporting, minimizing customs complications and saving time.

Comprehensive UK Excise Solution

Stay compliant and stress-free with our all-in-one Excise Warehousing features, including EMCS movements, return submissions, and ATWD integration.

UK Customs Resources

Learn more from our latest Customer Reviews, blogs, and articles. Visit our FAQ, glossary, and useful links sections.

Make duty savings today – don’t wait for Freeports
Reducing Logistics Friction in a Post Brexit Economy
Can a Customs Warehouse really help to improve cash flow?

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