Save time, reduce risk, and improve the efficiency of the denied party screening match vetting process

Reviewing and vetting potential matches is an essential part of maintaining compliance, but the decision-making and record keeping process can often be cumbersome and inefficient.

Our denied party screening workflow solution helps organizations save time by improving the efficiency of the match reviewing process, increasing visibility into screening activities, and streamlining compliance programs—providing tools that help reduce risk by easily addressing matches, maintaining a detailed audit trail, running audit reports, and more

How our denied party screening workflow solution can help improve the efficiency of an organization's compliance program

  • Save time by allowing the compliance team to focus on the organization’s highest priority results 
  • Ensure match reviewing activities are automatically documented
  • Reduce the risk of missing or misplaced documents or files related to decision-making 
  • Increase visibility and prioritize with a “big picture” view of screening activities 
  • Ensure consistency by having everyone in the organization on the same page, and using the same workflow processes