Global Trade Management Solutions for Shipment Coordination, Compliance & Visibility for Forwarders/Brokers 

For freight forwarders, Descartes offers end-to-end solutions that provide the convenience of one-stop-shopping to address the most complex of business needs. Descartes’ singular focus on the logistics market means that it has the breadth of knowledge required to deliver advanced solutions to anticipate the demands that forwarders will face in the future.

The Descartes Advantage:

  • Customer-Focused With a Results-Based Methodology: Customer-focused implementation strategy is based on industry best practices and standardized business processes. Results of phased implementations are validated against predefined, value-based metrics.
  • Focused on Logistics-Intensive Organizations: Core focus is working with companies that have complex transportation-centric operations and/or differentiate themselves through logistics.
  • Multimodal, Multi-process and Global: The leading commercial logistics network and applications to manage multiple channels (air, ocean, truck, contract carrier and private fleet) and multiple business processes through the same global network.
  • Shipment Lifecycle Management: Ensures the efficient and effective management of the end-to-end shipment process from source throughout the supply chain to the end consumer with ongoing real-time visibility.

Addressing the Multimodal Needs of Freight Forwarders

Descartes’ comprehensive solution gives forwarders a competitive edge and enables them to improve their margins by providing much needed control over the entire shipment process and visibility into the movement of freight.

The Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™) is one of the world’s largest collaborative, multimodal networks of transportation providers, shippers and global customs and regulatory agencies. It enables the world’s leading transportation providers, including forwarders, to connect to members of their supply chain and seamlessly and reliably exchange information. Value-added application services offered by Descartes leverage this information to automate, manage and streamline the end-to-end shipment process from source to consumer with ongoing, real-time visibility and control.

Providing Visibility and Control for Every Mode of Transportation:

  • Booking and Reservations: A centralized booking portal provides visibility into rates, contracts, and shipment details from global locations to enable more informed decision making and contract development. Carriers can distribute product, routing, capacity and rate information to forwarders 24/7 in real time, while forwarders can access carrier information and make electronic bookings over the Web or from within their own in-house system.
  • Activations and Messaging: The Descartes GLN enables electronic communications between forwarders and their trading partners around the globe, including carriers and regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Maritime Commission and US Customs and Border Protection.
  • Customs Entries and Security Filings: Ensures regulatory requirements are met for international shipments for both international customs agencies and security initiatives.
  • Global Trade Management Software: From managing duties, taxes, valuation and more, Descartes provides the largest array of content solutions for forwarders worldwide.
  • Contract and Rate Management: Forwarders can more easily manage their global rate-making processes. With the ability to use their own data and format, forwarders can effectively create and manage quoting and contracting procedures.
  • Transportation Management: Ensures forwarders have much needed control over contract carrier based shipments. Across the entire contracted transportation management lifecycle, Descartes enables forwarders to make better consolidation decisions and streamlines the carrier bid, tendering, settlement, and freight auditing processes to help reduce costs and improve customer service.
  • Multimodal Track and Trace: Leverages Descartes’ extensive network of transportation and logistics services providers to provide forwarders with real-time visibility into shipment status.
  • Shipment Management: Enables forwarders to offer house-branded, value-added supply chain event management services to customers.