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Connecting Parties Across the Air Cargo Supply Chain

Helping the Air Freight Industry Better Collect & Utilize Information

Connect to Parties Across the Air Cargo Supply Chain
Seamlessly gather information from other stakeholders in the supply chain to make better use of a rich data set
Populate Existing Systems
Stream data into current back-office platforms to reduce duplicate data entry, meet regulatory requirements, and boost efficiency

Analyze Data & Ensure Accuracy
Confirm that error-free and current data powers operational processes to gain a thorough understanding of current operations

Customer Success Story

“Using Descartes as our electronic messaging provider, we benefit from increased transparency and improved efficiency across our air cargo operations. Descartes Air Messaging helps support our ability to better manage shipments and effectively fulfill our customers’ expectations.”

– Gill Launders, Head of Corporate Services, Virgin Atlantic Cargo

The Descartes Difference

Gathering information from stakeholders across the air freight supply chain can be challenging. Businesses have disparate data standards, connectivity requirements, and various systems that makes receiving and transmitting information between air carriers, freight forwarders, ground handling agents, and government agencies a labor-intensive process.

Designed specifically for the air cargo industry, Descartes Air Messaging™ is able to handle all standards and message specifications. The solution is differentiated by its management of data semantics, message delivery and transformation of information pertaining to regional or global operations.

From Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), to direct system-to-system connectivity, Descartes provides a range of unparalleled options to best suit business needs. With more accurate and up-to-date information on hand, the air cargo industry is better positioned to increase transparency, improve efficiency, and ultimately speed the movement of freight.

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