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Mona McFadden, Senior Solutions Consultant, Descartes Systems Group

How have transportation management systems evolved over the past two to three decades?

There have been substantial changes over time as Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have become more collaborative in nature. The solutions now support more modes of transport than the traditional truckload or Less than Truckload (LTL). In addition, they are evolving to become a better fit for global transportation requirements. The cloud and better networking processes are also more central to Transportation Management. The implementation of TMS has changed as well, and is now more focused on phased-approach rather than a big bang rollout. The trend is to implement initial functionality that can rapidly deliver value, and then move to an incremental deployment to add further benefits in the long term.

How is Descartes helping companies maximize success of their TMS implementations?

Descartes helping companies maximize success of their TMS implementations by offering a rich set of functionality to match the needs of the market. We support processes such as multimodal transportation including modes that are not commonly supported including parcel and private fleet.

We also offer a cloud-based solution that can be deployed external to a customer’s operations. For example, a supplier can enter shipments to support in-bound requirements. In addition, the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™) makes it easier to onboard partners, collect transactional data, and gather shipment status message information. Our implementation methodology delivers value incrementally, and can help customers rapidly on-board, achieve value and move on to more robust, expanded use as needed.

About Descartes Transportation Management

Descartes develops innovative solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer service through industry’s most comprehensive transportation management systems. Our solutions can enable users to turn purchase or sales order fulfillment into transport orders, manage carrier contracts, optimize and execute transportation plans, connect to trading partners, control the flow of prepaid freight, track shipments and inventory, audit freight, increase efficiency in scheduling dock appointments and managing trailer movements and security and optimizing supplier/carrier performance.

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