Telematics has become increasingly important due to federally-mandated adoption of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) by US motor carriers and drivers, and soon by Canadian carriers as well.

Carriers and fleet owners are figuring out how to leverage their investment in these devices to create considerable new value, once these systems are in place. There are many high-value use cases being implemented. Here we discuss some of the most common ones being implemented across the industry.

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  • Typical expected benefits including fuel economy, safety, security, vehicle maintenance and customer experience (i.e. ETAs, real-time visibility, delivery time windows, alerts, etc.) and more
  • Data generated by ELDs enable many different analytics, such as: benchmarking, optimized route planning, dock scheduling, fleet and driver utilization, price/profit optimization and driver safety/performance
  • Investments in analytics can bring substantial improvements to performance, utilization, safety, and profitability

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