There are several approaches to route planning, dispatching and vehicle fleet tracking functionality, with most existing solutions still presenting several challenges with automation, control and managing multiple assets and vendors. By integrating design, planning, execution, performance management, mobile solutions and telematics, you maximize private fleet and contract carrier productivity. The end benefit enables you to improve customer service, provide visibility to global and regional supply chain performance, and capture the necessary data to drive world class logistics operations.

A comprehensive MRM solution plays an integral part in supporting and improving a number of key route planning, tracking and dispatching functions and processes.

8 Key Benefits to Vehicle Fleet Tracking and Dispatching

Strategic Delivery Planning

Helps companies build new services, sales territories and replenishment strategies that maximize customer service and profit. Solutions perform complex service scheduling for regularly occurring deliveries, and provide fleet management applications for vehicle routing and tracking. It also evaluates geographic distribution and sales potential for each customer to help establish optimal territories and routes.

Daily Route & Load Planning

Accelerates a company’s ability to continuously create reliable routes using fewer trucks, miles and drivers. As each new order is placed solutions re-optimize in real-time, allocating resources to help maximize operating efficiencies; deliver priority service to the most profitable accounts and routes; and maintain overall customer service objectives.

Mobile & Wireless Fleet Management

Integrates planning, dispatch, delivery status and wireless communications to improve customer responsiveness and minimize the impact of service interruptions and exceptions. Descartes solutions provide delivery dispatch, monitoring and two-way wireless communications, enabling asset tracking and monitoring of people in the field.


Enables real-time reservation scheduling, easy delivery dispatch and real-time delivery management through route optimization software. It also facilitates the online scheduling of deliveries or services.


Helps improve customer responsiveness through real-time status updates, forward predictability and enhanced exception alerting. This can reduce the need to track every aspect of a schedule and emphasize the implications of service interruptions and exceptions.


Leverages integrated wireless devices to enhance real-time communication with drivers to improve customer service. This offering coordinates drivers, dispatchers and call centers for operational improvements and customer responsiveness. It facilitates new order assignments and manages exceptions along with recommendations for taking action and communicating with drivers.

Fleet and For Hire

Provides an easy and affordable way to route plan, optimize, dispatch, track and monitor delivery fleets in real time. This on demand fleet management solution optimizes both static and dynamic routes to maximize efficiency, by taking into account geographic zones, time windows and other constraints when planning delivery fleets. It also provides a real-time global view of driver movement and delivery status to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve service.


Enables real-time, highly configurable field data capture including in-cab, turn-by-turn navigation, new trailer and cab sensor integration and trailer action alerts (e.g. temperature, movement and other sensory inputs). Reporting Services – a standard reporting tool that allows for easy drag and drop report generation so users can create and modify sophisticated reports in minutes.