Automatic Vehicle Tracking Software with Real-time GPS vehicle fleet management capabilities to better manage your delivery vehicles

To help drive operational inefficiencies, cut costs and improve customer service, the Descartes Automated Vehicle Locator™ On-demand (Descartes AVL™ On-demand) provides an easy and affordable way to manage real-time fleet tracking and monitoring of delivery vehicles. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution combines sophisticated vehicle tracking and dispatching functionality with the simplicity of web-based service to provide dispatchers, managers and support agents with a real-time visibility of driver movement and order status across an entire fleet of vehicles.

Descartes AVL On-demand is comprised of full-featured web-based modules that are distinct in their functionality and operate independently, yet work together seamlessly to create an end-to-end vehicle tracking software including:

Features of Descartes' Automatic Vehicle Locator Software

Order Management

The first step is the transfer of electronic client data into the Descartes platform via the Web. Data is automatically uploaded as frequently as required. The data is then verified, geocoded, and prepared for use. Intelligent filters improve data integrity and solve problems such as bad addresses while flagging incomplete data for operators to correct.

Order Notification/Confirmations

End clients can automatically be notified of scheduled or adjusted delivery times via e-mail, Web site, phone call, or instant message. The interactive menu allows for end customers to cancel, accept or modify an order. This also allows an end customer to proactively access their specific ETA or delivery window in real-time via the web. This direct, customized, and automated interaction helps improve service levels with.

Dispatch Management

Once the data is geocoded and filtered the dispatcher is ready to build his/her routes. With the click of a button, orders are assigned estimated delivery times (ETA) and mileage is calculated. The orders are sequenced into an optimal route based on any constraints and against an engineered labor standard. Visual mapping tools are available to be printed for the driver or as a simple mechanism for the dispatcher or the customer service manager to manage the status of his/her routes. The dispatch management functionality supports any changes including cancellations, postponements, moves and more. All changes are updated immediately, resulting in recalculated ETAs and re-sequenced routes. Dispatchers are empowered to access and modify planned routes in real-time, providing drivers with accurate visibility into all vehicle routes via a cell phone or other Web-enabled device.

Real-time Tracking

Vehicles are tracked using any wireless to web device including cell phones, handheld PDAs, GPS enabled phones or customer field tracking units. Any data can be captured in real-time, including: mileage; productivity tracking; timecards; maintenance; exception handling; onboard inventory; package tracking; temperature; and signature capture.

Customer Service

The customer service module provides your customer service representatives and end customers with fast and easy access to real-time information. This real-time visibility into the delivery status of every order improves service by allowing for proactive issue resolution, managing customer expectations and enabling the selection of delivery windows to meet customer needs.