Next Generation Fleet Management System Best Practices Enable Companies to Work Better and Smarter to Significantly Reduce Fleet Costs

Unstable fuel costs; increased governmental regulations; and rapid technological progress with corresponding reductions in technology costs, are the three primary factors for implementing new practices.

Descartes next generation fleet management best practice implementation results in a 15-20% cost savings for fleet operations.

Best-in-Class Fleets employ history to strategically plan their fleet asset allocation, to provide adequate assets to ensure service in each territory, and when appropriate, to develop master routes; they revisit these plans frequently to adjust for change - new customers, routes, seasonal demands, and other periodic peak demand issues.

The benefits of this type of planning are significant:

  • increases customer service and satisfaction, elimination of service failures
  • enhances equipment utilization and reduces miles
  • adjusts asset inventory in advance for unusual demand and prevents last-minute, frenzied reaction
  • yields the greatest savings, and in the fastest time

Best-in-Class Fleets develop optimized daily route plans; route plans can be optimized on cost-of-delivery or route profitability, as well as capacity to meet delivery requirements. The completed route plans contain vehicle and driver assignments and are downloaded to each individual in-vehicle system and/or driver handheld mobile device to direct the entire trip.

In addition to the traditional benefits of realizing customer service and performance-to-plan, daily route optimization

  • efficiently manages assets - both vehicles and drivers
  • reduces overall fleet fuel consumption and operating costs
  • enhances quality-of-life and increases driver retention due to allocating drive time most efficiently
  • efficient planning results in improved vehicle utilization

Download our “Fuel & Labor Cost Savings through Next Generation Fleet Management Best Practices” business whitepaper as a PDF.